Tuesday, June 14, 2016

REVIEW: Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

Six Word Summary: Pride and Prejudice and Reality TV.

Kinda-like: Pride and Prejudice meets the Bachelor.

My Thoughts:
Not for me. I feel like the characters were really missing the charisma that makes Pride and Prejudice so great.  In P&P, the characters are all crazy but lovable.  In Eligible, it was a struggle for me to find the lovable parts.  I think the success of the book with a reader will lie solely on the readers view of Liz and Darcy, the two main characters.  The bar for these two amazing characters was set high to begin with from P&P fame, but the new versions of these characters fall very short of that bar in Eligible for me.

Starting with Elizabeth Bennet.  Liz didn't seem to be nearly as a strong in Eligible as in P&P, which is one of the things I liked most.  Will in P&P she is willing to invest some time in the "lovely Mr. Wickham," she doesn't seem desperate for his attention.  In Eligible she comes across very desperate for Jasper Wick (Wickham's character is split into two characters in this adaption) and it really left me liking her character much less for it.

Next, Mr. Darcy.  In this adaptation Darcy is a doctor, still filthy rich, and just never quite pulls off the amount of charm I look for in a Darcy impersonator.  His character just seemed like a normal guy with a lot of money.  I do adore the idea of sharing a sarcastic lunch over Skyline chili, though, as presented in Eligible's Cincinnati setting.

Overall, I found the characters less likable, and the romance less believable.  I do wonder if my reaction to the book would change had I not read Pride and Prejudice first.  I will be very interested to hear more reactions to this book from readers who've not read (and looooved P&P) before hand.  Had I not had such high expectations from Pride and Prejudice I might have given this book another star, but alas...


Disclaimer: I received an advanced readers copy of this book and have provided an honest review.

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